Blue Skies – A Conversation Series

Jillian Mayer, You'll Be Okay (Video Still) (2014) Image courtesy David Castillo Gallery. 

The deadline for submitting proposals for the Blue Skies conversation series has now passed. Thank you to all those who submitted a proposal, we will be in touch with the results of the selection within two weeks. 


At this moment of physical isolation and hyper-saturation of digital content, we are seeking ways to support our network while fostering open dialogue and exchange amongst us. The myriad of different responses we are seeing to the question of what the long-term impact of Covid-19 might be suggests that there is a need for a more dynamic engagement with the subject. Therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in a collective conversation entitled Blue Skies around the potential for this moment to elicit change, as a means of exploring individual and collective responses both in the immediate present and in the future once the lockdown has ended.

The parameters of what constitutes ‘change’ are left open – this could include change within the arts sector, in relation to ways of working, in the lives of people of colour or those who are disabled, or in the ways that we relate to others and travel freely or work internationally.

We ask anyone who would like to take part in this conversation to send us a few lines of no more than 300 words no later than 8 June 5pm BST detailing who you would like to have your conversation with and why. That person could be anyone – a fellow creative practitioner, a colleague, a family member, a teacher or mentor, a figure of interest that you would like to connect with. Each conversation will be made accessible to a public audience in some way based on the intentions and desires of those participating in it – the conversation can be held live on ICF’s social media accounts or on streaming platforms, it can be recorded or transcribed and then added to the ICF channels in its entirety or in an edited form, or for certain participants who want to treat the conversation as research or one-to-one mentorship, they will be asked to produce a visual, written or creative response to the conversation that can be shared online.

We will select 12 proposals for conversations, and both you and the person you invite to have the conversation with you will receive a fee of £200 for your time and contribution.

Manifestations from all conversations will be posted on the ICF website and activated through our social media channels, creating a digital conversation that responds to this notion of possible change and can be accessed widely and openly.

Image: Jillian Mayer, You’ll Be Okay (Video Still) (2014) Image courtesy David Castillo Gallery. 

This initiative is made possible with Art Fund support