Epiphany (Temporaire) (Leaflet)

26 Aug 2023

Epiphany (Temporaire) is a solo exhibition of new work by artist Exodus Crooks, curated by Orphée Kashala. The exhibition is a partnership between Ort Gallery and ICF, and is presented as part of ICF’s residency at Block 336.

Exodus Crooks’ work for this exhibition includes sculpture, film, text, and sculptural installation. They are invested in a process of carving out (sometimes literally) dialogues and bringing thoughts to the surface, from the layers of history, heritage and culture around them. In this interrogation of domestic and familiar surfaces, Exodus is investigating the embodiment and repository of memories, histories and traditions, inherited, stored and transferred through time and shared space. A succession of profound experiences converge within the exhibition to form an allegory of personal stories of love, loss and pain.

In developing this exhibition together, Orphée and Exodus have been in regular conversation for 12 months. The show stems from Ort Gallery and ICF’s Emergence(y) project for emerging curators, which Orphée was selected to participate in in 2021. As part of the project, Orphée undertook a residency at Ort Gallery in Birmingham to focus on his curatorial research and development. This residency coincided with Exodus’ DYCP (Develop Your Creative Practice awarded by Arts Council England) research in Jamaica. Together, they explored the themes of epiphany, temporariness, displacement, home, heritage, tradition, imagination, diaspora, creativity, honesty, spirituality, and self-determination.


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