Reckoning: Exodus Crooks and TITANESS aka Maria Joranko & Tiffany Wellington in Conversation

17 Sep 2023

This conversation marked a collaborative event, titled Reckoning, bridging together two exhibitions in Brixton:

Epiphany (Temporaire) by Exodus Crooks, curated by Orphée Kashala, commissioned by Ort Gallery and ICF, and presented by ICF as part of our 2023 residency at Block 336
(26 August – 17 September 2023)

Love is a state of mind by TITANESS aka Maria Joranko and Tiffany Wellington at San Mei Gallery
(8 September – 4 November 2023)


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Disclaimer: Due to disruptions in the audio recording of the conversation there may be slight discrepancies in the captions.