27 Jun 2023 - Ongoing


ICF @ Block 336 & other sites around Brixton

Crafting Intimacy & Play is a new workshop series for Black women and non-binary people presented by ICF & KAKAZI studio. The project is an opportunity for a small group of people to come together to engage with artists and different art forms across ceramics, fashion design, drawing, sound and scent. These creative activities help us imagine ways of connecting to the past, present and future, while exploring various paths to self-expression. The workshop series intends to connect Black women and non-binary peoples’ experiences to curiosity, play and joy.

Maya Njie Studio - Jacob Lillis

Workshop 2: Archiving through Design Workshop with Nabiséré Nicole
Wednesday 30 August, 6-8pm
ICF @ Block 336

For the second workshop of the series, KAKAZI studio Founder Nabiséré Nicole invites participants to connect with their personal archives and journeys, to inspire the development of shapes, patterns, colours and textures in contemporary fashion and print design.

Attendees will be asked to bring one or two of the following: an image, an object or an item of clothing as their archival material that they can share a little bit about in pairs. A range of mixed media materials, including inks, charcoal, paper, fabrics and finishings, will be provided for participants to map their impressions on a design board.

We are extending an open call to Black women and non-binary participants – particularly those with a relationship to Brixton – to join us for this Archiving through Design workshop on Wednesday 30 August 2023, 6-8pm at Block 336 in Brixton. There are only 8 spaces available, so please only sign up if you are able to join the session.

After graduating from Central St Martins Womenswear degree Nabiséré Nicole founded KAKAZI studio in 2018, at a time when she was seeking connection and authentic representation of African and Caribbean people in the fashion industry. Having lived between London, U.K and Kampala, Uganda, she wanted to connect with people who share this unique diasporan experience. This lay the foundation for Nabiséré’s creative approach in clothing design, research and curation.

Image by Joss McKinley.

Workshop 1: Drawing Workshop with Charmaine Watkiss
Tuesday 27 June, 6-8pm
ICF @ Block 336

For the first workshop of the series, artist Charmaine Watkiss held a conversation with her close friend Taffaswa Balgobin, discussing her artistic journey and influences, as well as the care and creativity that has set the foundation of their 20 year friendship. This was followed by a drawing workshop led by Charmaine, which all workshop participants are invited to take part in. The materials needed for the workshop were provided.

Charmaine Watkiss was born in London to Jamaican parents, she lives and works in London. She completed her MA in Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art, 2018. Her work is concerned with what she calls ‘memory stories’. She creates narratives primarily through research connected to the African Caribbean diaspora, which is then mapped onto female figures. She draws herself only as a conduit to relay stories which speak about a collective experience; starting with a theme then allowing intuition and a dialogue with the work to take over. Her practice addresses themes including, ritual, tradition, ancestry, mythology and cosmology. Charmaine has recently shifted her gaze towards the natural world, investigating the herbal healing traditions of Caribbean women, especially those of her mothers generation, and connecting those traditions through colonisation back to their roots in Africa. The result of which was her first solo show in London, called The Seed Keepers.

How to Register

We will be opening registration for future workshops one month before the workshop is due to take place. Please do sign up for our newsletter here to find out more. Some workshops will take place at Block 336, where ICF is doing a residency throughout 2023, and others will take place throughout Brixton.


About ICF

International Curators Forum (ICF) was founded by artists and curators in 2007 to offer a programme of commissions, exhibitions, projects, publications and events that respond to the material conditions and cultural contexts impacting creative practitioners today.

About KAKAZI studio

Based in London, UK, KAKAZI studio is a design and research platform producing lifestyle pieces, alongside special projects and an oral histories platform. Bringing together African and Caribbean diasporan life experiences, KAKAZI studio focuses on platforming the nuances and of contemporary womanhood.