Symposium: Mirage, 20 Years On - Part 1

29 Jan 2016

Mirage, 20 Years On was a symposium held at the ICA (London) marking the 20th anniversary of the the groundbreaking exhibition Mirage: Enigmas Of Race, Difference & Desire curated by ICF Creative Director David A. Bailey and organised in partnership with Iniva.

Speakers discuss the possible role of institutions both in upholding structural violence and de-colonising culture, how platforms and institutions have changed since 1995, which changes are necessary for the future and how we might avoid the traps of monoculture and exoticism in representation.

11.30-12.00 Allison Thompson
12.00-12.15 Morgan Quaintance
12.15-12.30 Evan Ifekoya
12.30-13.15 Lyle Ashton Harris
13.15-13.45 Panel discussion

And the speakers included:
Greg de Cuir Jr. (Writer), Evan Ifekoya (Artist), Lyle Ashton Harris (Artist), Allison Thompson (Independent Curator), Morgan Quaintance (Independent Curator), Melanie Keen (Director, Iniva), Yasmina Reggad (Independent Curator) and Osei Bonsu (Independent Curator)