Sonia E Barrett and Richard Drayton: Diaspora Pavilion 2 Artist in Conversation

15 Jun 2023

Sonia E Barrett speaks about her practice and her installation for ICF’s Diaspora Pavilion 2: London exhibition presented in partnership with Block 336 with historian Richard Drayton in June 2023.

For the exhibition, Sonia E Barrett presented Here Tell, Quantum Black, which consists of a new sculptural installation and moving image work addressing the material histories of flint, the black sedimentary rock used in Britain to construct tools, property and weaponry.

Richard Drayton was born in Guyana and grew up in Barbados. He is Professor of Imperial and Global History at King’s College London.

The 2023 Diaspora Pavilion 2: London exhibition in Brixton was the final iteration of a series of peripatetic events that form ICF’s Diaspora Pavilion 2 (DP2) project. This trans-national, collaborative project advances ICF’s engagement with diaspora as a critical concept following the first Diaspora Pavilion during the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017. DP2 interrogates and complicates the term diaspora across various curatorial formats as part of an ongoing mapping of the rich and complex material cultures, mythologies, alternative histories and re-imagined landscapes that are born from the distinct and yet shared reality of belonging to a diaspora.

The exhibition was presented in Brixton between 10 March and 10 June 2023.

Conversation filmed & edited by Katarzyna Perlak