Shifting the Centre: Anticolonial Ways of Seeing (Leaflet)

26 Sep 2023

Anticolonial Ways of Seeing is the second iteration of our Shifting the Centre project. The exhibition placed publications from the Stuart Hall Library into dialogue with a variety of materials found in iniva’s archive collection to build a series of constellations in the Stuart Hall Library space. The exhibition is curated by ICF in partnership with iniva.

Exhibition leaflet designed by Reuxn Yao.

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Shifting the Centre is International Curators Forum’s archival activation project dedicated to excavating the radical observations, emancipatory dreams, and revolutionary practices of anticolonial thinkers to develop counter approaches by asking: what kinds of ideas emerge when those resisting dominant forces are the protagonists of world history?

Anticolonial Ways of Seeing is the second iteration of ICF’s Shifting the Centre project. It considers the concept of ‘anticolonialism’ as a framework that allows clear links to be drawn between racialisation and capitalism, between past and present-day injustices, and local and global political struggles. The exhibition asks: is a contemporary anticolonial visual language possible? What are its concerns, reference points, and principles? What kinds of demands can it articulate? What sort of education can it provide? What histories does it draw from?