Diaspora Pavilion 2 Artists Conversations

12 Mar 2021

The curators of the exhibition ‘I am a heart beating in the world: Diaspora Pavilion 2, Sydney‘ speak with three of the exhibiting artists – Zadie Xa, Daniela Yohannes and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah – about their practices, their engagement with the concept of diaspora, and their planned works for the upcoming exhibition in Sydney.

This video is a compilation of excerpts from the three interviews, compiled for the occasion of the 2020 Outset Partner Grant Announcements on 21 May 2020, for which ICF was awarded an Impact Grant for the development of the Diaspora Pavilion 2 project and the execution of the exhibition, I am a heart beating in the world.

I am a heart beating in the world is the first of a series of peripatetic international events that culminate in ICF’s Diaspora Pavilion 2 programme. 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is collaborating with ICF to present this unfolding series that will interrogate and complicate the term diaspora. As the first project of the series, I am a heart beating in the world presents the navigations, imaginings and lived experiences of diasporic subjectivities through the works of six artists based in Australia, the UK and Caribbean: Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Kashif Nadim Chaudry, Lindy Lee, Leyla Stevens, Zadie Xa, Daniela Yohannes.