Blue Skies: Vidisha Fadescha & Jyotsna Siddharth - Walking Bodies, Ch1. Borders

30 Oct 2020

Walking Upon Bodies is a conversational album by Sive that brings together anecdotes from lived experiences of artist-curator Vidisha Fadescha and actor, activist and writer Jyotsna Siddharth. Created during the pandemic, they speak of individual preoccupations, precarities and vulnerabilities, while drawing attention to the macro systems that govern the individual and other aspects of human beings. These conversations raise an alarm on the unaccounted, targeted lives of people especially, marginalised by caste, race and gender. They are packed in the form of an album with instructions to listen as a pivot from linearity of thoughts, opinions and feelings to new forms of learning and listening. Each track has themes that help us share better and self learn what it means to care, have a family, notions around death, the impact of borders, how digitiality is shaping our lives, the expanded ideas of race and such. We hope you find moments of hope, resilience and calmness in this apocalyptic world.

Instructions for listening: The order is suspended. We suggest you pick and listen to a combination, (at least two or more) tracks at a time. The selection of a single track can be made once or multiple times. Every unique selection of tracks will allow fresh perspectives and discussion to emerge.

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