24 Jan 2023

Government Art Collection Acquires Works by Diaspora Pavilion 2 Artist Mohammad Barrangi

Government Art Collection (GAC) have acquired four works on paper from his series The Mystical Creatures of Eden exhibited by artist Mohammad Barrangi as part of his installation for ICF’s Diaspora Pavilion 2, London presented in partnership with Block 336 in 2022.

For the exhibition, Barrangi produced five, mural-scale works, using his signature paper transfer technique, that fill the walls of Gallery 1. The works in The Mystical Creatures of Eden combine Persian calligraphy and motifs with scenes of nature from Barrangi’s birthplace, Iran. He also presented four works on paper, all of which were acquired by GAC. Significant female figures from his life and animals are reimagined for the other-worldly landscapes he creates. Barrangi has developed a visual language which moves across time and place and is a direct response to his experience of the world.

The exhibition was the second presentation in a series of peripatetic events culminating in ICF’s Diaspora Pavilion 2 (DP2) project. This trans-national, collaborative project advances ICF’s engagement with diaspora as a critical concept following the first Diaspora Pavilion during the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017. DP2 interrogates and complicates the term diaspora across various curatorial formats as part of an ongoing mapping of the rich and complex material cultures, mythologies, alternative histories and re-imagined landscapes that are born from the distinct and yet shared reality of belonging to a diaspora.

See GAC’s announcement about the acquisition and view all four works here.