Curators’ Workshops: Sharjah Biennial


The Curators’ Workshops at the 2009 Sharjah Biennial were part of the larger Middle East Programme funded by the World Collections Programme (WCP). The workshops took place as part of second stage of the project, following on from a period of travel and research undertaken by Tate curators and the Middle East Symposium held at Tate Britain and Tate Modern in January 2009. These workshops were a collaboration between Tate, Sharjah Biennial and ICF.

All three workshop sessions, taking place on the terrace of Shamsi House, were closed to the public and included around 26 emerging curators from the Middle East region and the UK. Each session lasted for around 2 hours, and was chaired by Judith Nesbitt, Frances Morris and Mark Waugh respectively. The sessions began with contributions (in the form of a short talk) from two or three of the participants.

• To provide a forum for emerging curators from the Middle East and the UK to discuss shared issues and differences
• To provide an opportunity to develop relationships, networks and friendships

Curators from the Middle East Region: Ala’ Younis, Didem Ozbek, Osman Bozkurt, Hassan Darsi, Mayssa Fattouh, Wassan Al Khundhairi, Shahira Issa, Latifa Bint Maktoum, Haig Aivazian, Reem Fadda and Reem Shilleh 

Curators from the Tate: Kyla McDonald, Judith Nesbitt, Sheena Wagstaff and Frances Morris

Curators from the UK selected by ICF as part of an open call: Andrea Schlieker Jiyoon Lee, Elisabetta Fabrizi, Loura Mousavi, Paul Domela, Yasmina Reggad, Julia McClinton and Paula Orell

Organisers: Gilane Tawadros, David A Bailey, Mark Waugh and Alex Whitfield

Session 1: Tuesday 17 March
Commissioning and presenting artists and artworks – the process of commissioning artists and artworks and curating exhibitions of contemporary art from concept to realisation.

Session 2: Wednesday 18 March
Building institutions and collections – from building capital infrastructure and developing acquisitions strategies to developing an organisation’s intellectual capital.

Session 3: Friday 20 March
Dialogue and exchange – the relationships between institutions and audiences, between the private and the ‘public’ sectors and between the national and international.