Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is an emerging arts facilitator. In 2001 she steered away from an academic path following degrees in International Relations and then Human Rights at Masters level, which were fuelled by her passion for critical cultural theory and the practical application of creative self-expression as a resource for social justice. She’s since developed a successful career as a fundraising/business development expert working for organisations such as Breast Cancer Care, NLÉ, The Natural History Museum and latterly The Children’s Society, whilst participating as an enthusiast at seminal arts conferences and exhibitions pertaining to contemporary African Diaspora arts practice. In 2015 she founded Black British Art, an online platform to mobilise and document emerging contemporary Black British arts practice. In 2016 she presented a paper at the Bristol University Conference: Framing the Critical Decade: After the Black Arts Movement, which was entitled ‘Outside of the frame: Mobilising emerging Black British contemporary visual art practice in the digital age’. Later that year she curated her first private arts exhibition for Latham and Waktins entitled ‘Untitled’, which showcased the work of several emerging contemporary Black British artists including, Irvin Pascal, Enam Gbewonyo, Naa Merley Okine and Adeleaide Damoah.