Khadija Saye

Khadija Saye was a contemporary artist working with a variety of photographic processes. Born and raised in London, she completed a BA in Photography at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Coming from a mixed faith and multi cultural background influenced her practice to be an ongoing exploration of identity and how we utilise our unique perspectives to create change within our communities and further afield. This conflicting and corresponding nature of life was vital to the way she engaged with photography, questioning the hybrid embrace of history, culture and spirituality. Saye’s practice explores political and social issues alongside concepts of race, gender and cultural aesthetics. Her work frequently involves cultural exchanges and intercultural connection, taking a personal and intimate approach to connecting and communicating with other cultures and individuals. These works range from unconventional styles of representation and formal portrait techniques to works that embody and characterise her cultural experiences. The idea of dialogue and shifting perspectives is integral to Saye’s work, connecting the broader social questions to the creative process. Her work seeks to give expression to the human visual instinct that can function at levels uninviting to spoken or literary expression. Using the lens of an interconnected world, Saye’s subjects take on a fresh light, a collective truth about the human soul and our relationship in a global international community.

On 14 June 2017 we lost Khadija in the Grenfell Tower fire. Those who knew Khadija felt that she was a true artist with a sensitive and generous singular vision and she will be missed by everyone who knew her. We at ICF first met Khadija in 2015 where she participated in an artist and curators trip to Venice and we were inspired by her optimism and dedication to her practice, and at that moment it felt almost logical that she should be one of the artists exhibiting in the Diaspora Pavilion. On behalf of the ICF team our thoughts are with Khadija’s family, friends, colleagues and people from all over the world who continue to be inspired and moved by her work. We ask that all enquires about the Estate of Khadija Saye be emailed to