Orsod Malik

Digital Strategist & Curator

Orsod Malik is a UK-based Sudanese digital archivist, curator, editor, content producer and strategist. He is the founder of @code__switch, an archive/continuum of radical internationalism. His research focuses on shifting peripheral histories to the centre by drawing links between anticolonial struggles and thought across space and time. He is currently the Archivist-in-Resident at the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD) and a curator at the Stuart Hall Foundation.

Orsod’s archival and curatorial practice focuses on developing methods to arrange audio and visual materials from anticolonial movements in ways that make sense of present-day political and cultural formations. His approach to archival work centres on the notion that the archive can produce knowledge about the present when closure is disavowed. Orsod has applied this approach in the pursuit of locating continuities in dissent and subjugation.