Month: February 2018

Beyond the Frame: Masterclass with Trevor Schoonmaker

Beyond the Frame: Masterclass with Trevor Schoonmaker 

Prospect.4, New Orleans 

In February 2018, the Beyond the Frame curators travelled to New Orleans to see Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp and to meet with the exhibition’s artistic director Trevor Schoonmaker. During the masterclass, Schoonmaker offered the group deep insight into his wider practice, as well as his experience in curating the exhibition and its relationship to the surrounding city. Alongside Susan Hendricks he offered the group a tour of one of the exhibition sites, the Contemporary Art Centre of New Orleans, and provided a contextualised description of the ways in which he approached the triennial’s various locations. During the trip Kara Walker launched a new commission for the exhibition entitled The Katastwóf Karavan at the city’s Algiers Point, which the group was also able to attend. 

Diaspora Pavilion | Venice to Wolverhampton

Diaspora Pavilion | Venice to Wolverhampton

Diaspora Pavilion | Venice to Wolverhampton was a re-staging of a selection of artworks from the Diaspora Pavilion exhibition held in Venice during the 57th Biennale at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery from 10 February to 29 April 2018.

Exhibiting artists: Larry Achiampong, Kimathi Donkor, Michael Forbes, susan pui san lok, Paul Maheke, Erika Tan and Abbas Zahedi.

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The Venice Diaspora Pavilion exhibition, curated by David Bailey and Jessica Taylor, was conceived as a challenge to the prevalence of national pavilions within the structure of an international biennale and takes its form from the coming-together of nineteen artists whose practices in many ways expand, complicate and even destabilise diaspora as term, whilst highlighting the continued relevance that diaspora as a lived reality holds today.

The pavilion formed part of the 22-month professional development programme designed to deliver mentoring and professional development by ten selected mentors for twelve UK-based emerging artists whose work engages with the topic of the diaspora. During the length of the project, these practitioners took part in group forum, one-on-one mentoring sessions and group masterclasses. The selected participants and eight of the mentors showcased their work in the Diaspora Pavilion exhibition in Venice from May to November 2017. 

All of the emerging artists participating in the Diaspora Pavilion professional development programme were invited to exhibit in Wolverhampton. The seven artists who chose to include work in the West Midlands exhibition chose to do so with a mixture of existing and new works. 

The Wolverhampton exhibition was curated by Jessica Taylor and was supported by Arts Council England and the Art Fund. The Diaspora Pavilion programme was presented in partnership with University of the Arts London and was co-founded by David Bailey, Nicola Green, Peter Clayton and David Lammy. Images courtesy Steph Hargreaves.